A bio technologically innovated unique formula produced by mixing botanical origin products in scientifically controlled conditions in Liquid form to give you the optimum output.

Natural Organic Liquid


Dosage: 300-350 ML/Acre, 30-35 ML/Pump (15 Lit)
Application: 3 Times in a season (For multi harvest crop it should be used – 3-5 times)
Vegetative stage: 15- 20 DAS
Pre-flowering stage: 20 Days after first Application
Cutting/picking stage:
  • After First Application
  • Plant strength :Even if it is a creeper of straight climbing it stays upright for better fruit development.
  • Better green leaves because of better photo synthesis activity.
  • Increase soil microbial activity
  • Higher nutrient uptake.
  • After 2nd and 3rd Application.
  • Profuse branching/tillering and increased foliage.
  • Induce flowering and Reduction in flower and fruit drop
  • Increase in size, weight of fruits/foliage.
  • Higher yield and better quality of the produce. (Shining /skin)