Product for multi benefit to crop (Germination enhancement, plant Strength, efficient utilization of chemical fertilizer, enhance flowering) having liberty of application form at reasonable cost.

Vanvruddhi Wettable Powder


Seed treatment: 20-25gm/kg seed
Tuber treatment: 1 KG /1 Tonne tuber
Spray: 400gm /Acre or 50gm /pump (15ltr)
  • Spray – 3 Times during season. (1st Application: 20-30 days after germination, repeat it at 15 days Interval)
  • Seedling Dip – Before Transplanting
  • Overall plant growth (Tillering, Root growth).
  • Germination enhancement. Tirtiary root devlopment.
  • Work as preventive Fungicide. (Disease repellant)
  • Reduce flower drop as well as enhance flowering
  • Phytotonic effect.