Shortly known as a IBNM is ready to use formulation of innovative technology generated by farmers under able guidance of university scientists, who received award from Gujarat Government under swarnim swant shukhaya project 2010, for this innovative technology.

This product is not only increasing the crop productivity but also improve soil health, decrease the insecticide residue and that way to best fit in soil reclamation

Integrated Bio Nutrient Management


  • For soil treatment – 200 liters fermented solution – (IBNM Product – 5KG/acre)
  • For spray as a pest repellent – 5ltr fermented solution in 15 lyrics pump – (IBNM product – 1.25kg/acre)
  • Soil application – 3 times during season
  • For longer duration crop or low productive soil – 6 time in a year
  • For spray – 3 times for control of sucking pest